One World Cafe

Moscow - Idaho

OWC has been an independent, locally owned coffee shop since 2005. We are located on the corner of Sixth and Main Street right in the heart of downtown Moscow, ID. We provide a relaxed, comfortable space where everyone can enjoy good coffee, food, and great company.

If you are looking for a place to hang out, study, have engaging conversations, meet interesting people, listen to live music, or just enjoy people watching, you are in the right place. Here you will find local art on the walls, fresh and locally roasted coffee, live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights, a changing beer and wine selection and a variety of pastries and snacks. Our staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, and we are looking forward to making OWC your home away from home in Moscow.

We have a meeting room that you can schedule in advance for meetings for up to 18 people. OWC offers seating across two levels - including a mezzanine - that allows you to choose spaces that are more quiet and secluded or buzzing with activity. We (obviously) have free wifi and have tried to provide you with as many power outlets as we could - so your devices can recharge together with you.  On weekend nights we often have free live music and entertainment.

We hope to see you soon. 


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Gifilta Trout

Gefilte Trout will perform folk music from Eastern Europe, including music in the Jewish klezmer and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) styles. The klezmer tunes follow a unique musical scale, called ahavo rabboh (abounding love) that was initially used by cantors in Jewish liturgical ceremonies. Since the 1800s, the scale has been used for upbeat dance tunes that are often played at Jewish weddings (e.g., the freylekh, bulgar, sher, hora, and the kolomeike). These dance tunes are marked by unique musical ornamentation referred to as “dreydlekh” (spinning tops), which includes slides, laughing sounds, and sobbing sounds. These dreydlekh can be heard in the work of Andy Statman and Yale Strom.

This concert will also showcase songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino (the language of the Jewish people of Spain that dates back to the 1400s) sung by Irena Allen. Irena was born in Russia and studied music there before moving to Israel. She met her husband in Israel and they are raising their family in Pullman. Irena is fluent in Russian, Hebrew, and English, and has a particular love for songs of the Russian gypsies.

Gefilte Trout has performed on the Palouse since 2006. We released our first CD in 2014 and are completing a second CD. The current incarnation of the band includes talent from Moscow and from Pullman, including Irena Allen (vocals, percussion), Bill Voxman (clarinet) Carla Chandler (violin), Bill Thompson (guitar), Bill Thomson (mandolin), and Bob Garcia (upright bass).

Carla Chandler is the band leader and can be reached by email at or by phone at 509-334-0662.

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